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 Bioacoustic Recorder - Long Term 

 Crystal clear recordings with outstanding reliability 

Info BAR-Lt


Discover why the BAR-LT

is the recorder of choice

for scientists all over the world.

  • 4 SD card slots

  •  FLAC lossless compression

  • Up to 800+ hrs recording time

  • Built-in GPS for accurate location and time synchronization

  • Ultra-low noise omnidirectional microphones

  • Hydrophone capability

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From $930* AU

*Excluding Tax

Image by Lingchor

"Crystal clear recordings every time"

 Eddie Game, The Nature Conservancy  

Reliable recording in every environment

From -40°C Canadian winters to +40°C Australian summers, there's a reason the BAR-LT is preferred by scientists working in the harshest conditions.

BAR-LT in creek.jpeg

BAR-LT Tech Specs 

The BAR-LT is a professional 2 channel audio recorder designed specifically for long term autonomous field deployments.


Case and Mounting

Rugged, waterproof, lockable, camouflaged enclosure made from a tough UV resistant plastic. The BAR-LT comes with a mounting plate and strap allowing it to be easily mounted to a tree or star picket. Built-in silica gel desiccant bucket and holder ensures any condensation is absorbed before it can affect the device.

Recording Capabilities

4 x SD card slots for cards up to 512GB each. The BAR-LT supports 16-bit WAV and FLAC (lossless compression) recording at sample rates from 8kHz to 96kHz.

GPS Features

The built-in GPS automatically time-syncs and GEO-stamps your recordings.

Schedule Recordings with Ease

All Frontier Labs acoustic recorders come with easy-to-use scheduler software. Program any sampling schedules with ease, including sunrise/sunset based recordings, different recordings on different days and waking up at a future date.


The highly sensitive, low noise omnidirectional microphones have a 20dB class A pre-amp and cable driver plus an internal memory chip. These features allow the BAR-LT to automatically log the microphones’ serial number and manufacture date for every recording you make, automatically tracking the age of your microphones for every recording.

Available in 2 microphone configurations:

  • STANDARD – 2 channel configuration with one channel underneath the recorder (which offers better rain protection) and the 2nd channel on the side for connecting to an extension cable to another microphone or hydrophone. (We recommend this configuration).

  • LEFT/RIGHT – 2 channel configuration with left and right stereo separation (can be useful for processing by human listening).

Power & Batteries


The BAR-LT can use from 1 to 6 rechargeable 18650 batteries to give 100 to 600 hours of recording time or it can be powered from the external power socket which accepts 6V or 12V inputs and has a low-power shut-off to protect your external batteries.


  • Height: 15cm, Width: 11.5cm, Depth: 7cm, Weight: 900g incl. 6 batteries.

  • 4 SD card slots up to 512GB each (2TB of storage).

  • FLAC lossless compression effectively doubles your storage capacity, meaning you can record up to 4TB of equivalent wav files!

  • Supports multiple sample rates: 8kHz, 16kHz, 22.05kHz, 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz (with corresponding anti-aliasing filters).

  • Highly sensitive, ultra-low noise omnidirectional microphone includes a 20dB class A pre-amp and output driver for cables.

  • Adjustable gain up to 60dB.

  • GPS time sync allows 3D localization of animal calls (when used in an array).

Recommended Accessories

Watch the BAR-LT in action 

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