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REPAir requests
Our Pledge

To be responsible product stewards by attempting to fix anything repairable on every unit we make, while ensuring components that are beyond repair are recycled or disposed of in a way that causes the least harm possible to our planet. 

Helpful Tips


Let us know what's gone wrong as soon as possible via the form below. If it's a simple fix, we can possibly help via email, otherwise we may need you to send the device back to headquarters for more investigation.


Customers with a tight deployment timeframe can access our rental program free of charge while your recorder is being fixed. Ask us for details in the comments box below.

All parts and manufacturing are covered by a three year warranty. We also provide out of warranty service to ensure your device keeps working for as long as possible. We pay for shipping for all repairs covered by warranty.

Request a Repair / Make a Warranty Claim
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Reaching for
Zero Waste Design

From the very beginning,

Frontier Labs has always had the best interests of the planet at heart.


We design the best possible devices we can to ensure scientists everywhere can collect data that informs important decision making about our natural world. 

When it comes to our business and manufacturing footprint, we are always looking to reduce our impact.


In 2022, we are challenging ourselves to go even deeper and start actively designing out waste.


We've got lots to learn and lots of people to learn from. Join us on Twitter as we share what we learn in our quest to create a truly Zero Waste Design.  


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