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software & FIRMware

Scheduler software
easy to use

Runs on Windows OS only



Easily program different recording schedules for your recorders with the new and improved Scheduler program.

Recordings can be scheduled to start and stop at any time or date and can begin at specific times or relative to sunrise or sunset thanks to the built in GPS in every recorder.


You can easily configure the schedule to repeat certain recordings over a period of time to

sub-sample a large block of time. Any number of specific recording patterns can be created in a schedule file so you can have a different recording pattern, sample rate or channels for different times of the day or year.

Firmware Upgrades

As new features and bug-fixes are released, we encourage you to upgrade the firmware of your recorder to take advantage of these improvements.


For the BAR-LT and Solar BAR:

Transfer the firmware.bin file onto your SD card and insert it into your BAR-LT (SD card slot 1) then press the menu button and navigate to: Menu > Utilities > Device Info > Upgrade Firmware.

For the BAR: follow the firmware upgrade instructions in the user manual. You will also need to download the Firmware Upgrade Tool here.



Firmware v3.31



Firmware v3.30

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