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Frontier Labs is based in Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia. 

We're proud of the gear we make and we're proud of the quality and care that goes into each and every unit we sell.


We believe we make the best recorders for bioacoustic research and we aim to have the best support as well.

That's why we take time to understand each customer's individual project needs to ensure you get the most out of your research.

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The most crucial part of any bioacoustic study is the pre-deployment planning and set up. With more than 10 years experience working on acoustic projects worldwide, we're always keen to provide assistance at the beginning of a project, before you purchase, to ensure dependable results. 

Start the conversation by filling in the form below. 

About You
About Your Research

Every bioacoustic project is different and has different set-up needs. Please review the points below and then let us know which ones apply to your study.

What is the main goal of your study?

Eg. Presence/absence of a species, population counts, rare event detection, monitoring of an ecosystem over time 

How long do you want to record for and at what time of year? 

If you are unsure, let us know and we can help you find an ideal length of time for your study goals

How are you planning to process the data?

Eg. manual listening, scanning spectrograms, automated signal processing, unsure yet.

Where will you be deploying the recorders?


Thank you! We will be in touch very soon.

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