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Configure your acoustic recorder to suit your unique needs with our comprehensive range of accessories.

Big goals,
small budget?

 No worries, our rental program has got you covered. 

We only make two recorders because we believe in making the best, most reliable equipment possible - and nothing else. 

We also believe in making our recorders as accessible as possible to ecologists and scientists everywhere. That's why you can access our legendary BAR-LT two ways: purchase or rent.

1. Rent
2. Record
3. Return

We are pleased to offer our new rental program to our customers in Australia. Whether you need one recorder for a week or 40 recorders for 6 months, our flexible pricing allows you to use the best equipment possible with the same excellent support for much less than the upfront purchase price. 

Plus, we can set up your schedules ahead of time so all you need to do is turn on your BAR-LTs at the monitoring site, then go back and pick them up once you're done. Easy!

For enquiries about our rental program's pricing and support, please contact us at

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