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The Frontier Labs Bioacoustic Audio Recorder (BAR) is the new best choice

for Bioacoustic studies. It's small, smart and strong and produces ultra-clear recordings.

The BAR is lightweight, rugged, easy to use and has a built in GPS.





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  • "It performed exceptionally well. The BAR was easy to deploy and use. I appreciated the small size of the BAR and the easy setup. The quality of the recordings was excellent."

    Stuart H. Gage, Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University

  • "The BAR is an outstanding addition to our ecological toolkit. It is small and lightweight, easy to deploy and can withstand all types of weather. The quality of the recordings is excellent, able to pick up faint and distant animal calls. It allows us to survey sites over extended periods of time – a luxury not otherwise enjoyed by consultants. I have detected many threatened species with it, including the Yellow-bellied Glider in an area it had not been previously known to occur and a Masked Owl calling and bill-clapping from a roost site. Mark Calder at Frontier Labs is extremely helpful and tolerant of our silly and repeated questions. I wholeheartedly recommend this unit."

    Elizabeth Ashby, Principal Consultant, Keystone Ecological

  • "As an ornithologist, my research aims to improve species inventories and monitoring programmes by using long-duration, automated field recordings of bird vocalizations. While our lab has only recently begun working with the BAR, we have been pleased with the high-quality field recordings they have achieved. The units are small, lightweight, and rugged, and have been easy to set up and monitor. They are also considerably less expensive than similar options available, making them an ideal choice for our work in remote regions of Victoria and overseas. We have also been very pleased with the Customer Service we have received from Frontier Labs and look forward to continuing working with this company in the future."

    Dr. Karen Rowe, Ian Potter-Williamson Foundation Biodiversity Research Fellow, Museum Victoria