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Saving the Magnificent Broodfrog

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Of all the frogs in Australia, few are bestowed with the title of Magnificent in their official name. The small, gorgeous Magnificent Broodfrog is one such amphibian and clearly deserves the moniker with its beautiful markings. Like most frogs, its very survival is threatened by human development and global heating.

Photo by Michael Anthony

Much of the Magnificent Broodfrog's habitat is threatened by forest clearing for agriculture and other human needs. That's why efforts to locate the frog in protected Yourka Reserve in Far North Queensland have started in hopes of identifying enough frogs to lead a recovery effort in the future.

Bioacoustics is a particularly good tool for locating frogs. With their highly distinguishable calls that have few variations, tracking down a particular frog on an acoustic recording is relatively simple compared to birds and other vocal creatures.

Setting BARs in the reserve. Photo by Carly Starr

By placing BARs at various strategic locations on the reserve, the team hope to have enough data to pull together a robust conservation strategy.

You can read more about the joint efforts between Bush Heritage and the Magnificent Broodfrog Recovery Team on the Bush Heritage blog.


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